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Silkscreen on cotton. 22x22 in. bandana. Published by Gordon Robichaux and Post Present Medium.

Otis Houston Jr. aka “Black Cherokee" (born 1954 in Greenville, SC) lives and works in East Harlem, New York. He is a self-taught artist who began making art after taking an art class while incarcerated. Since 1997, he has maintained an ongoing presence under the Triborough Bridge on the FDR Drive where he presents impromptu performances and a site-specific installation of signage and sculptures using discarded objects he collects from the street and the dumpster at his job. He also creates work in his Harlem apartment in the Taino Towers housing project—where he’s lived for the past thirty years—and in the basement of the office building where he works in Midtown Manhattan. In 2020, a profile on Houston Jr. and his art was published in Hauser & Wirth’s Ursula magazine.