David Scott Stone
“Plays The Modular Synthesizer”

Release Info
PPM13. CD.

Dave Stone is an amazing human. from one friend to another, he is somebody you want to be around and have around. Existing as an artist who is void of accurate description and sound, moving around different ideas and constantly exploring space and earth. The "I'm in a band, and sure we are great, but we NEED something more" occupancy is familiar with Dave as he has been in / added to / and collaborated with bands like The Melvins, Big Business, Unwound, The Locust, Merzbow, Get Hustle, No Age and humans consisting of John Wiese, Joey Karam, Sharon Cheslow, M. Gallagher and many more. Dave is also responsible for taking the modular synth to uncharted punk regions and making amazing sounds and feelings along the way. Also, he has impeccable style that always amazes everyone in LA and at PPM.

1. Suicide Is My Folk Music
2. Glitched Legless
3. Forst Fields
4. Soundrise
5. La Queue Du Chat Manquant
6. Read My Mind
7. A Mod Synth Con
8. Dome Hill
9. Contrast Studies 1
10. P.S. The Man The Legend

Sample Track