Eric Copeland

Release Info
PPM14. LP. 1st pressing of 1000. Black vinyl. Blank white labels. Printed covers.

Eric Copeland is in the experimental noise band Black Dice. His record "Hermaphrodite" is a solo record comprised of samples, field recordings, vocal loops and drums that transform your brain from mellow to engaged to confused to greatly pleased. Tribal rhythms and noises that get you feeling slightly stoned, in a good way. CD version released on Paw Tracks. Eric is a super nice guy who is always pushing sounds in BD and on his own and "Hermaphrodite" is a testament to his ever pressing need to push audio boundaries.

1. Hermaphrodite
2. La Booly Boo
3. Oreo
4. Green Burrito
5. Wash Up
6. Spacehead
7. Tree Aliens
8. Scum Pipe
9. Dinca
10. Mouthhole
11. Fkd
12. Scraps