Abe Vigoda

Release Info
PPM20. CD/LP. 1000 Black vinyl. Printed covers.

Abe Vigoda returns to the wild with an incredible gem that is named Reviver. The follow up to 2008’s Cd/Lp Skeleton, this new 5 song E.P. shows AV in the dark, musically transcending their previous efforts and staking claim in the new land. Washing and slipping through certain moments where Skeleton only touched on, Reviver slows the mood, and crashes over your senses, getting more experimental but oddly more catchy. AV have spent the better part of 2008 touring the states, opening separate tours for NO AGE and DIPLO, going to Europe and embarking on their own world journeys and this E.P. bleeds with eyes open and stunning growth in all the right directions. Listening to Reviver the feeling is pretty immediate of being in between AV’s next move, somewhere between pop and somewhere only they know. Squirming in a stunning act of pureness, a calming sound overtakes the senses and they destroy it all beautifully and bring it back again, Skeleton is before and Reviver is born. Reviver gives off a good feeling, a celebrated but unknown feeling as each song takes a turn for the better, as a great E.P. should. This is setting us all up for what is next but Reviver stands on it’s own two feet and is the greatest achievement of AV yet, but it is also the sound of beautiful confusion as the listener knows not where AV is taking us. That is where they are great, because while we sit and listen, they are already off somewhere else confusing and enlightening sound more and more.

1. Don't Lie
2. House
3. Endless Sleeper
4. Wild Heart
5. Reaper

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