Total Abuse


Release Info
PPM32. LP. First pressing of 1000. 900 On black vinyl 100 white vinyl. Heavy uncoated paper stock. Printed inner sleeves. Zine.

On the new LP titled “Mutt” recorded between May 2008 to October 2009 for PPM, Total Abuse fi nally cement a marriage between their obsession with early UK power electronics, and early eighties american hardcore. Since their humble beginnings they have been hinting at the sound, and on Mutt they deliver full force. Heavy feedback infused hardcore, not for the weary. Only available on Vinyl and Digital, the LP comes with printed inner 12” sleeve a zine, and free download.

1. Eunuch
2. Buried
3. Caligula
4. Discipline
5. Secret Passage I
6. 14 Years Old
7. Fluid Exchange
8. Pure
9. Flashing
10. Mutt
11. Secret Passage II

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