Gun Outfit
“Possession Sound”

Release Info
PPM34. LP. First pressing of 500. 410 on black vinyl and 90 on white vinyl. Full color printed covers and inserts.

Possession Sound is Gun Outfi t’s second LP, recorded at High Command in Olympia, Washington by Captain Trips Ballsington. The clean sounds and raw sounds on this record are a fantasy. The mental frontier of rock music, fi fty years later. Influenced by The Byrds, Horses and Susan Sontag, Gun Outfit slam through and enter the sophomore years of recording and making music as a band. Honing their craft, Possession Sound is sometimes a more mellow listen than their previous efforts, and sometimes more raw in it’s delivery entirely. A very exciting progression from a real band in every way.

1. Feeling Good
2. Last Chants
3. Washed Up
4. Southern Chill
5. The Flower Beneath The Foot
6. Phaedra
7. The Lack
8. My Whole Life
9. New Love Thunders
10. Dead Broke
11. Fantasy World
12. Wide Awake