Chalk Circle

Release Info
PPM40. LP. 1st pressing of 2000. Black vinyl. 12 Songs. Printed covers. Comes with booklet designed by Sharon Cheslow. Split release with Mississippi Records.

Chalk Circle existed in the Washington, DC metro area punk/hardcore scene between 1981 and 1983. They were the first all-female rock or punk band to ever record and perform in DC, and in January 2011 their recorded output will finally be available in one place: on the Reflection LP, released by both Mississippi Records and Post Present Medium. The 12 songs on this release are from compilations on Outside Records and WGNS, live shows, and unreleased recordings. It also comes with a 16-page booklet compiled by guitarist/vocalist Sharon Cheslow that tells the Chalk Circle story in its entirety for the first time. The booklet features photographs, press clippings, and extensive liner notes by renowned musician and producer Don Fleming, whose band Velvet Monkeys headlined Chalk Circle’s first shows.

1. Reflection
2. Uneasy Friend
3. Scrambled
4. Private Lie
5. Turning Up The Collar
6. The Look
7. The Slap
8. Run So Far
9. Side By Side
10. Easy Escapes
11. High Stress
12. Subversive Pleasure