“A War on All Fronts”

Release Info
PPM47. 7". 1000 Pressed. 900 Black vinyl. 100 Brown vinyl. 5 Songs. Offset printed covers. Hand printed, die cut and glued in MacArthur Park.

C.R.A.S.H. is a new gospel in the spirit of hardcore. Members of Mika Miko, Wrangler Brutes, No Age, Nazti Skins and Born Against etc... 5 songs of real punk mishaps and simple riffs, born out of two practices and a recording session. a classic EP that is over before you know it. Comes with lyric sheet. Get it before it's gone far away. DON"T FRONT!

1. A Pair Ungrown
2. A Piece Of The Pie
3. Cult Merch
4. Limits & Boundaries
5. Life To Live

Sample Track

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