Total Abuse
“Prison Sweat”


Release Info
PPM49. 1st pressing of 500. 400 Black vinyl. 100 White vinyl. 2 11x17 poster inserts. Full color printed matte covers.

Since their first show in November 2006 TA have been recording and playing a heavy onslaught of feedback drenched hardcore soundscapes, taking hints from the Dead C, Black Flag (Chavo and Rollins era), Void and Harry Pussy. Members now live in New York, Oakland and Austin and get together as much as possible to record and destroy ears live. On their third LP "Prison Sweat" Total Abuse blast and sometimes almost sludge through 7 tracks of great hardcore punk (with two tracks reaching over the 7 minute mark). Opening with an opus of blistering, seething, crunching noise then bursting into tracks that are as catchy and nauseous as their infl uences, This is Total Abuse at their best and most ferociously open. TA posses an honesty and anger missing from a lot of their contemporaries allowing them to dwell deep in your brain for a long while after you listen.

1. Final Passage
2. Early Morning
3. Rotting Foil
4. Masked Killer
5. Hogg
6. Hidden Blood
7. Prison Sweat

Sample Track