“Roy Tapes”

Release Info
PPM50. CD/LP. 50 Gold vinyl. 100 White vinyl. 850 Black vinyl. Printed covers. One sided. Uncoated stock.

A special release signifying PPM50 and Post Present Medium as a label for ten years. Wives were a punk band formed in Los Angeles in 2001, they recorded, performed and toured until 2005 when they disbanded. After their last US tour and and before their (first and last) UK /Europe tour in 2005 Dean Spunt (bass and vocals) and Randy Randall (guitar) recorded these 7 songs with new drummer Roy Tatum. These were the songs, if you saw them live, Wives were playing, working on and perfecting at the time of that final tour. Recorded By Bobb Bruno in their practice space in 2005 the "Roy Tapes" were shelved and have not been listened to by anyone until they were decided to be released, nearly seven years later. It holds the fury and confusion of the live sets at the time with incredible and unpredictable punk bits and blasts. Wound tight and energetically experimental, slightly overdosing on melodic tendencies that would fuel NO AGE. 7 tracks with one cover song written by Negative Approach, this is Wives final output, sad for some, joyous and pleasing for others. This is how it ended, and in other eyes how it began.

1. One
2. If You Went Any Lower You'd Hit China
3. Cars
4. Feed
5. Can't Tell No One
6. Chop
7. Drill

Sample Track