Eric Copeland
“Car Alarm”

Release Info
PPM52. 7". 500 Pressed. 450 Black, 50 red vinyl for mailorder only. Printed covers. Artwork by Eric Copeland.

Since 2007 Eric has recorded and released a hand full of LP's and singles and lately has been cranking out the tunes on 7"s via PPM. On his previous three 7" releases "Doo Doo Run b/w "Fundinkdeath", "Puerto Rican b/w "The Eyeball" and "Whorehouse Blues b/w "Guk & UFO's Over Vampire City", Eric has taken and warped pop song ideas and skewed them incredibly, crafting out some very killer tunes. The onslaught continues with Eric's "CAR ALARM" single. Swinging and delayed rhythms make you want to dance and lie down simultaneously. A definite hip-shaking, head-scratching good time. While the B Side "Brain Dead" gives you a four four feeling with an epic guitar lead, a meditation song that makes you feel connected to something greater than sound. Get pulled in. A solid record and a tradition continued.

1. Car Alarm
2. Braindead

Sample Track

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