Eric Copeland
“Get Along”

Release Info
PPM56. 7". 500 Pressed. Black vinyl. Covers printed and hand die cut in MacArthur Park. Artwork by Eric Copeland.

Since 2007 Eric has recorded and released a hand full of LP's and singles and lately has been cranking out the tunes on 7"s via PPM. On his previous 4 7" releases "Doo Doo Run", "Puerto Rican", "Whorehouse Blues" and "Car Alarm", Eric has taken and warped pop song ideas and skewed them incredibly, crafting out some very killer tunes which are as pleasing as they are prolific. On his 5th 7" for PPM Eric commits to a gentle onslaught of traditional sounding rhythms, ran through the busted copy machine of sound that defines his work. GET ALONG gets you going immediately with an infectious beat and a New Wave-ish, almost Nigerian Pop, scrambled, lost Prince demo vibe. While ZULU feeds the soft side of your soul quite nicely, tugging at your heart with a warped symphony and vocal line that shows his talent as a singer and composer. Two of EC's best songs to date, no doubt, do not miss this 45!

1. Get Along
2. Zulu

Sample Track

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