Sissy Spacek


Release Info
PPM57. 7". 500 Pressed. 465 Black, 35 pink cover with pink vinyl. Covers printed and hand die cut in MacArthur Park. Cover collage by Ace Farren Ford.

Sissy Spacek began in 1999 as a Blur / Grind duo consisting of John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau. Since then they have taken countless detours, pushing the extremes of sound in all possible directions on close to 50 releases. On their newest 7", "CONTRETEMPS" via PPM, they return to full on grind-core reflecting on material of their recent live outings and line up. Now as a 4 piece with Jesse Jackson (noise guitar), Charlie Mumma (drums), Corydon Ronnau (vocals), and John Wiese (bass) SISSY SPACEK tear through 10 songs of blasting noise. Limited to 500 copies. Cover art by Ace Farren Ford (Los Angeles Free Music Society).

1. Gloves
2. End Mill
3. Mask
4. Onceler
5. Sentences
6. TV Bra
7. Senso/Destructo
8. Interlock
9. On On On On
10. Vanishing City

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