“Future Butterfly”

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PPM60.5 38 page book plus CD. 9 songs. Edition of 100. Bound and printed by The D.A. Spunt Company.

Excerpt from interview: "Whether or not you have seen or heard Chloe Maratta and Flannery Silva perform, I don't think Odwalla88 needs an introduction or explanation. It is so realized as a set and treatment of statements, built into Odwalla88 is it's own introduction that I believe functions best on it’s own.I will say this, though, which is that they were sort of loosely explained to me and I was incredibly excited to see them play, but I was still unprepared for how intense they are live." Read full interview in Sex Magazine.

1. Pussy Step (For Kat)
2. 22
3. My Windo Ambience
4. A.O.Y.P.
5. CBGB's
6. Diane's Pen
7. Namaste
8. Tell My
9. Vetiver

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