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PPM64 12" EP. Edition of 500. Full color printed sleeves. Includes download.

This is what the grain is for

1. P22 is a Los Angeles band formed in 2015 by Sofia Arreguin, Nicole-Antonia Spagnola, Justin Tenney, and Taylor Thompson.

2. P22 borrows their name from the famed Los Angeles mountain lion who crossed both the 405 and 101 freeways to disperse in Griffith Park. Puma concolor number twenty-two.

3. A band is always a utopian proposition. P22 is a prudent exercise in the collective rearing of offbeat protest tunes in punk's tomb.

4. P22 has released three tapes, two self-released, and one released as part of Mike Kriebel's Beat Sessions.

5. Human Snake, P22's first EP, is a compilation of sanguine materials written between 2017 and 2019. Human Snake was recorded and mastered during the summer of 2019 by Mike Kriebel, after the group's brief hiatus.

6. "The animal takes its stand on the plant, man bestrides animality, and the whole of humanity, in space and in time, is one immense army galloping beside and before and behind each of us in an overwhelming charge able to beat down every resistance and clear the most formidable obstacles, perhaps even death."

1. Intro
2. Farrowing Crate
3. The Manger
4. The Industrialist Heartthrob
5. Reprise for Steer
6. Human Snake 1978
7. Ode to Rio Arriba
8. Shortly
9. Ending Chorus for the Terminarch

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