Mayako XO


Release Info
PPM68. LP. Edition of 300. Full color printed covers.

Mayako XO is the solo music project of Sara Gernsbacher based in Los Angeles. XO by Mayako XO is an exercise in singing to multiple selves, non-human, past and future, converging in one looping current. It is a structure of sparse layers, new age no wave of post punk femme, notes repeating. Guitar phrases asking and answering each other over and over, each time though somehow distinct, with a voice sewn through and around the middle.

XO is a coming to, a gurgling awakening to seeing what no longer serves and choosing what does. XO asks why do human animals judge value and reign ourselves superior based upon our tools of and ability to destroy? Can we open to all points, beings, membranes and cells of love that are there, everywhere, particled in unison? "What you breathe out I breathe in," sustained by the constant feedback loop amongst each other, which is to say ourselves - Separation is a delusion!

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio, fall of 2019.

1. Take It
2. 33
3. Light #42
4. Let Her
5. Join The Tour
6. Laying Him Back
7. Run
8. Last Sigh
9. Tipsy Queen
10. Now Is It

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