News Feeds
“Self Titled”

Release Info
PPM71. Cassette EP. Edition of 100.

The News Feeds originally performed once at Steve Turner gallery March 29th 2017. This new EP is the only recording to date. Recorded in various locations from December 2020 - February 2021 and meticulously arranged and dubbed at home in Los Angeles. The trio of Luke FIschbeck (Lucky Dragons), Kate Hall (Mika Miko, Dunes) and Dean Spunt (No Age / PPM) shared sounds, field recordings and philosophies to make News Feeds a reality based in improvisation, accidents and collaboration.

The “band” finds themselves somewhere between “Ten Notes On A Summer Day” Crass and contemporary composition, maintaining a playfulness that is seen in their titles, artwork and DIY approach to song craft.

1. HFS Dial Up
2. You Get What You Pay For
3. Apple House
4. Quack

Sample Track