Behavior & Mayako XO
“Free World”

Release Info
PPM72. Black Vinyl. Edition of 300. Full color printed covers. 5"x8" sticker on back cover.

Free World is the first full-length issue from an ongoing collaboration between Behavior (Bedros Yeretzian, Evan Burrows, Justin Tenney, Robbie Cody) and Mayako XO (Sara Gernsbacher). It was tracked between 2019 and 2020 and assembled over the course of the last year in Los Angeles. The album reflects its creation under open-ended yet intent circumstances. What’s recorded is a tangled pas de deux between discredited and demonstrative characters, singing through shifting voices over a living, melancholic music rendered legible by surveillance.

Bedros Yeretzian – vocals, guitar, bass
Evan Burrows – drums, percussion
Justin Tenney – bass, violin
Robbie Cody – guitar
Sara Gernsbacher – vocals, guitar
Recorded by Robbie Cody
Mixed by Robbie Cody and Evan Burrows
Mastered by Sarah Register

1. I Love Music
2. Keeling Curve
3. So I Know
4. Waiting Song
5. Loud as Hell
6. 1997
7. Trouble
8. Open Claim
9. For a Mood
10. Turnkey Smile
11. One Time Goodbye

Sample Track