Kris & Tavi

Release Info
PPM75.  Cassette / Digital. Edition of 100. 9 songs.

Kris & Tavi are a two piece band comprised of foothill dwelling multi-instrumentalists Peter Kris and Tara Tavi. On their latest release under this name, the anti-fracking, pro-cannabis activists (“Kris and Tavi” is an anagram of “drink sativa”) simulate reverb guitar and echoed vocals by manipulating field recordings of environmental destruction, a painstaking process of digital layering, processing and editing. The last track on the album is constructed entirely from sounds recorded at a drilling site in northern British Columbia on the autumnal equinox of 2020.

It is rumored that Peter Kris and Tara Tavi are / were in bands such as Amps For Christ, Auto Da Fe, German Army, Final Cop, Q///Q, Germ Class, Soddamn Inssein, Aye Aye Captain, ThunderSnail, Bavaria, Savage Republic, Blue Silk Sutures, Concrete Colored Paint, Body Image Calendar, Body Habitat, MERX, Submissions and 0824.

1. Droughts Of Consciousness
2. Class X
3. Wake Up The Same
4. So, That Happened
5. Navigate Through Tasks
6. This Type Of Sign
7. Everlasting Night
8. Apart From This
9. Terminator Line
10. Now It's Sunday
11. Waste and Recovery

Sample Track