“Live in Los Angeles”

Release Info
PPM77. LP. Edition of 300. Black Vinyl. Black and white printed covers. Stickered on back.

Purity is a project composed of members of Behavior and P22. It takes the form of a cover band with a limited repertoire. This LP, originally released in 2016, represents their live set, which has been repeated in different venues with regularity since 2014. The performance is populated by a suite of songs that illustrate some hereditary relationship to a certain subgenre of rock and roll, played over a modestly danceable drum track. Repetition is key here, as is genre, context, being looked at, standing around, etc.

1. Behavior “Black Dog”
2. Rudimentary Peni “1/4 Dead”
3. Negative Approach “Ready To Fight”
4. Minor Threat “In My Eyes”
5. Flux Of Pink Indians “Sick Butchers”
6. The B-52’s “Dance This Mess Around”

Sample Track

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