Release Info
PPM79. Cassette / Digital. Edition of 100. 6 songs

As the lights of the city flicker on through a fading orange haze, the distinct sound of DREAM_MEGA’s debut EP “minus_world” echoes through a maze of damp alleyways. The project of Los Angeles-based artist/musician Joel Kyack, its sound merges analog synthesizers with wind-based instruments like the Thai khlui, harmonica and voice, all filtered through a sweat-soaked fever dream of real-time improvisation, manipulation and looping.

As a founding member and multi-instrumentalist with the Providence, RI band Landed, Kyack helped craft a particular style of heavy, groove-based chaos that is oft-referenced in “minus_world”, translated here into a dark, stoned-out vision for a dystopian future. He is also a member of DOS MEGA and a past member of Six Finger Satellite, Megafuckers and Street Buddy.

1. Behind The Jet Market
2. Pride Dies
3. The Way Back Down
4. The Empty Cup
5. Lime Sale
6. The Weighted Wand

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