Release Info
PPM82. Black vinyl. Edition of 300. Full printed covers. 12"x18" poster/insert.

How can music be violent when it’s not loud? When is malice beautiful?

Neophobia is a meditative saga which, despite the name, radically embraces the aesthetics and methods of post-modernity. In between identical gamelan pieces, Chalk weaves an abrasive collage of sounds and musics that touch on peace punk, musique concrète, & American primitive. Neophobia explores the schizophrenia and horror of living in the contemporary era, an odyssey with an indeterminate point of departure or return.

Amidst the gloom, listening to Chalk is a restorative experience.

Chalk is an amorphous musical project orchestrated by Barry Elkanick (Institute, Blue Dolphin) While this is Barry’s “solo project” he regularly invites friends, other musicians and artists to accompany him. Under “Chalk” Barry has self-released 8 cassettes since 2015. While wildly ranging in recording techniques & approach, the cassettes have informed and culminated in the final sound present on "Neophobia" which is his first LP for Post Present Medium. Barry wrote and recorded “Neophobia” independently out of his home in Houston, TX on computers and tape machines.

1. Excels In Shells
2. Off The Goat
3. A Finger Pointing At The Moon
4. What Is Tot Cannot
5. Sambe Death Now
6. Slackjaw
7. Another Gesture Upward
8. The Rolling Wheel
9. Pig Song
10. Root By Root
11. Lark In The Morning
12. A Winning Smile

Sample Track