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PPM83. Cassette / Digital. Edition of 125. 6 songs.

Whistler is a rock band from Copenhagen.

The scales of apocalyptic thought span wide. The heartbreak of losing a friend, leaving a lover, of exiting a social sphere or a cultural purpose coming undone. The diverse dooms of ecological disaster. Small worlds coming to an end in a matter of minutes, while the bigger ones collapse at a pace where the cracks can hardly be seen or heard before the free falling. How is the end of the world contained in your everyday?

The songs from Whistler exist within this spectrum of collapse. It’s not gloomy, it’s not political. It’s conditional. Fighting the numbing effect of crisis mode that puts you to sleep to enter a drowsy state short on action. Sleep is healthy. Is there a healing there, even for the lazy?

Centered around captivating hooks, sauced in layers of harmony and sweet, benign noise, the music seek to vessel the disparities of human experience. Grounded in a sonic optimism the songs are pop songs in essence but wrestling inside a body more scarred, wet and fuzzy, with rougher edges and lower blood sugar.

Some of the songs draw on the human urge to escape domains, transgressing compounds and immersing ourselves into a communal real. Others are like a wrought, suspended feelings, suspended endlessly until you puke, until you choke. Some are like an acid rain of dead, moral nectar sprouting from our livers while we smile and laugh and try to preserve our cosmic significance on earth.

Space travel is for the rich and famous - time travel is for you and I. This is what biscuit house music is about. Following the crumbs and saccharine calories to fresher worlds on the other side of the brinks where new zodiacs can be made for a different emotional navigation.

1. U&I
2. Nothings Wrong
3. Viking Cringe
4. 6G Fever
5. Broken Lip Lingo
6. Pigeon Snake Theme

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