Release Info
PPM96. Cassette/digital. Edition of 100. Full color covers. Norelco Box.

Pure Shit is a band native to Los Angeles, California, made up of composers Francisco Marin and Alexandria Sloate, but they believe their biography is not really important.

Since the project’s inception, words like “power-violence” and “free jazz” were thrown at them. The harsh truth is these movements happened way before their time. Pure Shit is 21st Century music and like most artists creating today, their influences are all over the place like shattered glass. Today, their sound can be heard somewhere between the ecstasy of Eastern woodwind music and the experimentalism of 1990’s underground guitars.

The music of the Reality Check EP is what it is. It being the sound of intimacy, imperfection, paranoia, a prison break, a mended heart, or what modern afflictions do to the individual.

“The world is one great battlefield, With forces all arrayed; If in my heart I do not yield, I'll overcome some day.”

1. False Societal Order
2. Reality Check
3. Abstract General Entity
4. Sovereign Without a Throne
5. Locked Out of Life
6. Cleansed

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